Dive Xtras Underwater Housing


#3 of Waterproof iPad CasesThis is one of the most effective underwater tablet housing which offers computing power to the users underwater as deep as two hundred feet. Its unique technology involving a remote camera control offers ease and simplicity for making surveys and is ideal for playing games at the same time.

Using this underwater tablet housing it is now possible for the users of almost any touch screen device to use any application that they want, as long as it is installed in the gadget and does not require a Wi-Fi connection. This tablet housing has a virtual mouse feature on its glass surface which allows the devices and gadgets to be operated smoothly.

The movement on the glass surface of the case is duplicated as a pseudo finger touch on the gadget every time it is touched to obtain the results similar to using the gadget on land. Thus, there is hardly anything one cannot do underwater with this underwater tablet housing that can be done on land.

This particular housing allows access to all the features in a gadget like iPads etc. even two hundred feet underwater. Furthermore, the users will be able to use both the front and the back cameras and capture pictures. The case also features a USB port connector as well.

However, the underwater housing for touch tablets also have a few restrictions when it comes to the activities related to;

1. Internet connection
2. Bluetooth
3. Cell phone connectivity

These activities are limited as they depend on radio waves, which get blocked by water. However, it must be kept in mind that that these housings at the moment are only being developed for the commercial clients of the company. The businesses can get in touch with the team at the Dive Xtras to discuss customization of the commercial applications they wish to use underwater for gaining more from the use of these housings.


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