Edge Design Lab iPad 2/3 Housing


#4 of Waterproof iPad CasesEdge Design Lab iPad 2/3 hosting provides countless underwater photography opportunities to all enthusiastic divers, surfers, and under water investigator. And this technology seems to be working everywhere in the water even where the depth is as deep as 250 feet or more, unfortunately all types of digital cameras and high profile HD video recorders decline when it comes to recording videos below the surface of the water in sea and this leaves a savvy divers with a lot of unfilled adventure memories.

To solve all these diving commotions, Edge Design Lab iPad 2/3 housing was announced in the market with some of the rare and innovative underwater light applications. And now it seems to be helping every underwater diver in their underwater diving maneuver.

To add more adventure in your smirking and scuba diving, the housing provides a set of full recreational dive lights and videography features that will let you record literally anything that comes in your way while you are two hundred feet down from the earth. Here are some more explore-worthy features of Edge Design Lab iPad 2/3 that everyone should be familiar with:

  • High-powered lighting effects and features
  • Full-fledged video coverage for the users in the deep waters (regardless of the time frame)
  • Exceptional video recording abilities during night and evening
  • Premier dive lights designed specifically to make images coherent and clear
  • Handy buttons and controls for videography
  • Efficient applications for digital photography
  • Being capable of working smoothly deep down the water up to 300 feet for several hours

The Edge Design Lab iPad 2/3 housing is a perfect diving gadget for little college fellows and young college divers alike because the applications are responsive and easy to use even for a child who knows little about underwater lighting effects and camera motions.

To get started with your Edge design lab iPad 2/3 housing, you just have to insert your iPad in and launch the application; once it starts operating you need to insert the front windows and here you go. Your iPad housing is ready to record awesome videos for you and is all-set to support you throughout your underwater trip by its break-through bright light technology.
The housing is designed with two balls that exert lights during underwater video recording activities, making it easy for one to capture images of the desired objects.

These mounted lights play important role in determining the clarity of the final video project, a little practice is recommended before you kick off your real project underwater. Whatever your are perusing to do underwater- confronting fish, marine mammals, and unseen landscapes, your all desires will be ultimately fulfilled if you take Edge Design Lab along. Don’t forget to take portraits of your fellow divers down there to boast your underwater experience. The housing is capable of doing much more than you could ever expect from a high-end digital camera.


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