Hammacher Schlemmer Waterproof Case


#5 of Waterproof iPad CasesHammacher Schlemmer Waterproof iPad case is a perfect technology for those who need an exceptional and flexible casing for their beloved first or second generation iPads. If you are passionate about outdoor activities and go often for swimming, snorkeling, sailing, water surfing, and boating- beware your iPad needs to be secured first- find something handy to cover your iPad with before landing on the board for any trip. Forget about old-style platinum and leather bumpers, they are not good enough to provide your device the amount of protection you are looking for.

Opt for Hammacher Schlemmer iPad case; it has all what you need it all the way to your work, at office, at the beach, in the pool and on the trails. The case can help you use the device without any unwanted obstruction between the screen and the fingers as the display cover is too light to be felt by hand.

Hammacher Schlemmer waterproof iPad case has been tested for its durability, flexibility, and tightness by many researchers, upon analysis it was found that it can stay watertight in 1m water for maximum 30 minutes and it is also strong enough to protect the iPad display from dirt, dust, shocks and other harsh effects of the environment all changes and it is going to work under any certain condition.

During the research, iPad was shocked again a solid rock from 1m and surprisingly, the hard hit didn’t even affect the device, from any angle- it was safe and sound inside its case. If you are still confused, this brief review of Hammacher Schlemmer waterproof iPad case will assist you in making a rational; check out popular traits of the case:

  • High tolerance for harsh, warm and cold weather
  • Stabilized performance in all conditions, circumstances, and places
  • Anti-glare function for eyes protection
  • Offers incredible resistance against water, shocks, hits, and sand
  • Wraps the device from all angles, making all ports and holes accessible for the instant use
  • Ability to tolerate with the temperate ranging from -25 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius or above
  • Outer cover supports back of the device completely
  • Keeps display clear by sealing it to the edges of the device
  • Has power to resist salt water as well as chemicals
  • It takes whatever you throw at it- tea, water, flour, dust, and coffee
  • Compatible with iPad 2, 3 and 4 and other devices of similar size and width.
  • Strong enough to keep your device secured for 6 months to 1 year
  • Can submerge into water of 6 and a half feet for thirty minutes

Some users complain that their iPad’s sound muffled badly when they use any cover which is particularly made of polymers or leather, if it has been the case with you, you should rely on Hammacher Schlemmer waterproof case, because it used an advance microbe technology to deliver an uninterrupted music and sound experience.

It has also earned a Consumer Electronic Show’s Innovation Award along with an IP rating of 68 in the tests, so there is no doubt about how much security it can actually provide to the device. Its anti-glare feature not only protects eyes from gazing on the screen constantly but also adjusts the screen for the eyes during sunlight for comfortable viewing.

Though it’s is made of plastic but it doesn’t mess up with the Wi-fi connection or disturbs interaction with the touch screen- you can connect your iPad with the internet connection anytime without any unwanted ado and navigate through the touch screen without combating with distortion. The case promises to provide maximum functionality with the device. The sound transmission will be clear all the time wherever you go in the earth.

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